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Monday, April 26, 2004

Teknickel Ishyues

Lugas says my links bar doesn't show up in Mozilla-type browsers. Is anyone else using Mozilla not noticing link bars to my left and link bars to my right? I looked through my code and can't find a reason this might be, but if anyone with Mozilla wants to look at my stylesheet and help me out, it's pretty easy to find. I assume that if you're using Mozilla you're nerdy enough to know what you're doing, and probably better than me.

Julian, from the Julian Calendar (no, not that calendar, the blog) has dropped me a link. Cheers, Jules, my one big question for you is what they call a Big Mac in Australia. His site's on the link bar to my right, which you can't see if you're using Mozilla, apparently. Which is too bad, until someone explains to me how to fix it. Hopefully other people will see fit to read and link to my blog for reasons other than having known me for years.

I offered, in my guestbook, to buy people lunch off my food card, which has $350 remaining and only nine school days left with which to spend it before it disappears. That is right, I'm willing to give people free food just for coming to see me. Saddest thing is no one's taken me up on the offer. Jerks. It's alright, revenge will be mine when I emoticonally moon you, à la Chloe:


Andra and I ran up the CN Tower on Saturday with Ian. I'm gonna call it running. We made it up in 21 minutes, not bad at all.

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