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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Y'all asked for it, but is y'all ready for it?

So one shifty landlord later, the Ossington house is virtually out of the running. And I'm sick and lightheaded. But I found 3 other good listings and 2 decent ones to look at, and Dave's got a place on Danforth and Pape to look at. Soon we be doing more tours.

Right now my Mac and cheese done. I go get it.

Got it. Good.

i really am sick, and dizzy, and there's nothing on tv so I"m forced to play video games. Actually, I am wathcing an old western movie with a cowboy, a cripple, a damsel of some kind, and a playwright. It's weird.

But Alyx is getting back tonight at 2am. Tomorrow is a big dinner thing that Andra's coming to, and we're giving Alyx our welcome back present, can't tell you what it is though.

And before I go, I command you all to go see Goodbye Lenin. It will restore your faith in movies, and maybe change how you think about the former East Germany. But mostly, it'll beat the shit out of most other movies you've seen with a big beating stick and leave them in a twitching groaning heap on the pavement.

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