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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Here Be The Deal

Well, it took some doing, but BASAAAS is up and working like a good BASAAAS should. For those a yall who wonder, BASAAAS stands for Being All Strong And Awesome And Stuff. We could've called it a running club or an exercise group, but figured that sort of glossed over the real point, which is to be all strong and awesome and stuff. And "buh-sass" sounds better anyway.

This year, the Camping Trip, this baseball game I've been talking about, and pretty much anything else outside is gonna be planned under the auspices of basaaas. I think it'll be a billion times easier than the way things got run last year. Exactly one billion.

The idea is this: on the blog, people will post plans like "Soccer This Wednesday" (along with all the details), and then correspond about those plans, like so: "I can't come until 6 for soccer." The coolest thing about it is any post with a title (ie any important post) automatically shows up on an index on the right, in descending order of date, so it should be easier to keep track of posts.

So the blog becomes a sort of organizational center. Made sense to me. Therefore, everyone who wants into basaaas should be a member of the blog, able to post and all. For this, I need your emails so I can invite you to join. Many of them I already have, but just for the hell of it, email me at andre . bb @ gmail . com (no spaces).

Roight, see yez round.

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