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Monday, May 03, 2004

I Require Nerds Immediately


There's been a lukewarm response to basaaas, from which I can only conclude that you, personally, dear Reader, suck. But not as much as this! Those of you who care to prove me wrong, please go to immediately and join up, which consists of sending me an email telling me what email address you want basaaas stuff to come to.

Regardless, baseball is supposed to happen, but if Dave and me are the only ones who show up, I'll act like it's okay but then I'll go home and cry into my pillow. Plus I'll totally kick Dave's ass (or "arse," for the British) in a clever game of one-on-one baseball we shall devise.

So anyway, yeah, go join basaaas. If I didn't email you about it, it's cause I don't have your email address. And if I did email you about it, shame on you, cause once again Dave's the only one who got back to me. No wait, Ben did too. Way to Ben, go.

I realize that there's not gonna be any fiction component in this post, so I'll wrap up quickly. Ben asked me to make his LiveJournal look not ugly. Currently it is Lord Ugle McGly of Buttshire. I really had to write that, sorry. But anyway, I can't figure out the insane protocols that LJ uses to style pages, instead of plain old xhtml. So if anyone does understand that crap and feel like redecorating for ben, let me know and, with his permission, I'll give you his lj password. I also have his social security and credit card numbers, if you want.

And finally, Linus, or anyone else with Mozilla or some other save-the-internet browser, can you help me make the links bar on the right side (the one with all the other blogs on it) show up in Mozilla? I dun know what's wrong with it.

Oh, and Wesley Crusher is still a total wanker.

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