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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Leather Pants!

My scheme to be some kind of asskicker/biker type for Hallowe'en worked perfectly. The original concept was a villain in the mold of Roy from Blade Runner, but that fell to the wayside when the best motorcycle jacket ever came into my possession.

So a party happened and it was the five bottles of wine kind of party - I actually just had a couple of glasses and no one seemed to get hammered, except one guy who did it on his own beer he brought, the empties of which beer he carried back home with him most conveniently. I really don't care for the trouble of disposing of them at a refund of 10¢ a bottle. I do believe Izzy brought 4 of those 5 wine bottles I mentioned earlier, which was quite spectacular of her. Dave may have had a hand in some of it too, but without his bank card I doubt he got very far. Look:

CHRISTOPHER WALKEN WILL EAT THE EYEBALLS OUT OF YOUR SKULL! Ahhaha, my amazement at Leora's ability to dig up the bizarrest photos on the internet amazes me continually.

So yes the party was quite successful with wine provided by Izzy and music provided by my laptop, Fat Tony. The name comes from my sister. It is humorous, because my computer is neither fat nor Italian-American. I believe it's Japanese, but the kind of Japanese that comes to Toronto by way of Texas. And Japanese names are more difficult to work with than Tony, and also all reek of anime that I do not want associated with my nice laptop and by connection myself. Lousy damn bluehairs.

The one thing I coulda done without is the toilet got clogged, which it does alot because this house lacks water pressure, as well as discipline although that has more to do with the fact that it contains us three. Yes, so there was a plumbing glitch that gave and new a horrible meaning to the word "backlog." Fortunately it wasn't tremendously bad, and Dave has a score of 6 in Fix Toilet, so it got put right.

There were a lot of people I too seldom see, and I believe Meredith said a lot about why in her lament for the student shut-in - which I actually quite liked reading, no intent to sound sarcastic, just that the digital surface of this blog is such that it burns irony into every word I leave on it. So yes I see what she's getting at and lord knows it happens. On the other hand, well, anyway I just hope people in the future have less cause to write about it. And by people in the future I do not mean those with jetpacks and robot butlers, but rather ourselves next week.

This isn't really a normal entry for me in that most of my entries either are stories or are very short and contain instructions (like "sign my guestbook,"), but I'll get back to my old tricks in short order. I actually have three draft entries just waiting for me to finish 'em, but they'll probly never get finished. As we know, only the very finest pieces of polished verbal craft ever get published on weblogs, and mine is certainly no exception to this iron-bound rule.

PS: According to my evil spies, forty unique visitors have been to my blog in the past week. I don't think I know forty people. Who are you, and why aren't you signing the guestbook?

I had a really great line I was gonna use as a closing motto, but I made the mistake of not writing it down right away so it's now gone.

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