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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Very Cranial

Read this post first. And then I wouldn't mind it if you signed my guestbook.

In a short while I will have a new, secondary blog, a blog so powerful your brain would blast itself from your very cranial vault if I even began to tell you about it. Once all the proper preparations are completed, though, it should be perfectly safe. I'm testing it on rabbits.

Now a word about Soupface.

His now-defunct blog contained some of the finest writing I've read on my laptop, and in a somewhat argumentative conjunction with Max's, demonstrated to me what one could do with this less self-conscious public plane, other than whining. If that sounds a lot like a figure skater meeting the childhood idol he emulated during his awkward years, it merely reflects the fact that the thought of soupface on ice sends chills through me that have nothing to do with the necessarily sub-zero temperature.


Now that he's eschewed grey pretension for an off-yellow honesty - still more jaundiced than sunny - the archives of his fantastic blog are gone . . .

But being the type I am, I hate to see that overcast expanse of writing just get deleted. So since I'm basically a jackass, I dredged up all the pages I could still find caught in the teeth of google's cache - which in the week since has emptied of all but two pages, - and recast it, kind of like those fake "WTC silver dollars."

I even kept it as w3 valid as he originally made it (there is no language attribute for script tags in xhtml 1.1, apparently,) and styled it too. At the end of a couple days' effort of mostly cut and paste and some coding, I was done. The result was soupface digitally remastered in THX, with new special effects and a wacky jamaican alien. Also soupface is now played by Hayden Christiansen.

My plan was to post a link every day in the carblog to an entry, working my way from the earliest to the lastest. Strangely enough, it would take 40 days. But I'm gonna sit around a bit and think about whether it's just a dumb idea or a bad one. I'll let you know.

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