The Unswung Bat

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Breakfast, as usual, was short and in front of the tv. Oatmeal and bread were gone, so the last of the milk went into a bowl of cheerios. He stirred it with his spoon to dunk every O into the milk while someone on the screen droned through nothing notable and Mark's mind hovered above the impulse to turn off the set.

The weight and warmth of his coat was comfort to an instinctive part of him before he stepped out into winteriness and day, clattering down the front steps with his bike. From a halting start he sped off to the street corner and turned into the traffic lanes without stopping.

He arrived at the university winded because anything else would mean he was taking it easy or stupidly riding too hard, and locked his bike to a fence. He left it there after his class had ended. He liked to take a walk during the hour between classes. It was the first stretch of peacefulness in his morning.

In the student lounge he met Josef and Katarina, who respectively raised an eyebrow at him and flashed him a smile. Josef had been telling a story about one of his professors, which he started over as Mark fell next to Katarina on the couch and curled in his legs.

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