The Unswung Bat

Monday, January 10, 2005
What Am I Doing?

What you ask? Waiting for Andra to finish changing, whilst I blog at the Athletic Center. They've got five computers right outside the changeroom for checking stuff. It's awesome. And it puts a comforting pillow of nerdiness on the daily swim session, lest I start to feel like some kind of fancy big-city athletic type, with my executive swim trunks, and my fancy leather towels.

I spent nearly all of poetry class writing a poem. Out of all the ways of missing the whole goddamned lecture, that one can't be bad. Or maybe it's like skipping my G2 test to go joy riding. I've been playing some litererary mailbox baseball.

Hey! Andra's done changing. And away I go, there's dealings to be wheeled.

I'll post the poem later. Mind you, though, if anyone calls it pretentious I'll shoot you. With a pointy syringe. Fulla contraband ouchulants. Then you no be so big.

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