The Unswung Bat

Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm short four wisdom teeth, which had to go as they were making way too much of a fuss. Or whatever teeth make when they're impacted. At any rate I'm still feeling clever enough to write a blog entry.

My wisdom teeth, or "third molars," as they liked to be called, hadn't erupted through the gumline, but they had put roots deep into my jaw, and were leaping out sideways to headbutt my good teeth. They were big, too, a lousy fit for my modestly sized mouth.

Friends who'd had their wisdom teeth taken out warned me how very, very much the recovery period was going to suck, there being so many nerves running through the mouth ready to cause pain and angst. Fortunately I am equipped with four bottles containing pills, each of which in turn contains valuable drugs. Either those drugs really really work, or the puny human nerves lining my jaw were accidentally removed in the operation, leaving their job to a previously dormant, powerful set of backup nerves, fashioned of steel or some similarly ferrous alloy. As it is, I feel no worse than if I'd been punched in the jaw about half a dozen times, which is way better than I'd hoped. We'll see how I'm doing tomorrow.

Also I can't talk, at all basically.

But enough about me, how about you?

Now I'm tired again and gonna sleep for about half a day. 'Night, then.

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