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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Two Choices

Bob Lefsetz writes a fine letter. In case you were wondering, that link I posted constitutes 90% of what you will find on the website. The rest is done by email and internet broadcast. I've been getting his mini-newsletters/rants for about a month now, after some RTA prof told me about him when I was researching the music business for a CanCon essay.

I gave his mail gadget my Gmail address, because I don't care how many people know it. Rather than additional spam, the email bot has delivered me nothing but amusing, highly well-written and opinionated notes about the present, future and history of music in North America. Plus info about a bunch of great bands and even entire music services I'd never heard of. Well, a fair amount of it is just plain rants about the music business, but in interesting writing, and I actually wanted both of those things.

Eh, take a look if it sounds like your cuppatea.

Byron, when will you have the emails again? Whenever I need to contact you I can just knock on your door, but I'm in prolonged suspense now about your unrevealed Stupendulous Email Contrabulance. It sits on a table in my mind, under a blanket, with a spotlight on in, softly humming. I have two guesses about what it is. The first involves aliases, the second involves an indentured gnome and extensive screening and hand-copying.

Which will it be?

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