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Monday, June 19, 2006
A Post for Erica

I'm not really a fan of any sport, except for running, the sport of kings who are, I don't know, being chased. I do like playoffs, though. I just got home and watched the last period of Game 7 to see the Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup. Blast! It was basically a 2-1 win for Carolina, with them getting a third, empty-net goal when Edmonton took out the goalie to go 6-on-5 with 2 minutes left. I had to admit, the Oilers had a damned hard time keeping the puck on Carolina's side of the rink. Oh god, Kid Rock's being interviewed on the ice. TV off.

The announcer talked about how it's now thirteen years since Canada won the Stanley Cup. There was an awful lot of questioning in the immediate post-game interviews whether it was a shame that Carolina had to play Edmonton, and whether the team would've felt better if they hadn't had to win at the Oilers's expense. What are you supposed to say to a question like that? What an annoying question to ask. Maybe the Carolinians felt guilty because half their team is Canadian.

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