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Monday, November 06, 2006
So Tired

Oh, and there's one more tremendously important thing before I get to the work of reading Tom Jones and writing about Lebanon. I've stumbled upon a way to provide oneself with food during the day without resorting to inefficient and annoying foraging and squirrel-hunting. Dave wanted to call my invention the sandwich, but I say roundmeats on squarebreads, garnished with rustic Mozzarella tablets and foliated cucumber pickle, simpering with mustard. Rolls off the tongue.

Tried seven times to start writing something about roads. I had the Silk Road, and the cotton trail, and I got stuck trying to reconcile them or split the difference. Wrote and cut about 10 pages, and boy was it junk. Instead I'm onto subways, now.

Akk. Back to paper. Nice post, there.

There's a new little taggy thing downstairs, next to the copyright notice put at the bottom of the page to lend the illusion of professionalism. It's a boxlet widget from Amnesty Internation via a design firm called Soda, that randomly displays a blurb from a database of censored web pages.

The idea is to make it impossible to suppress that information, by posting it in fragments on participating sites everywhere. Frankly I don't see it being useful, since the tiny blurb is almost always meaningless outside of context, and the people who can click it and link to the full text are obviously not in countries that censor it. Nevertheless it is a cute idea and I'll wear the little tag, though its Green/pink color scheme clashes with the Blue/Gray/red scheme here. Well, it's not so much a scheme, more a loose confederacy.

Facebook infuriating mystery no. 1 is solved. My old parole officer from the Manchester PD back in 88 is friends with intrepid historiographic metaresearcher Christine Choi, a compatriot survivor of professor Duffy (though she developed Stockholm syndrome). I may not be a friendtard like Dave, but I am friends with a couple of the same, like Dave, so there's bound to be some seepage. The bar for facebook shennanigans has been raised.

Still waiting for Michael Ignatieff to "friend" me (actually it's one of his campaign gruntlies). I'm gonna do my level best to push the story that he's my brother and we duelled atop Volcano Mountain in 1950. If he denies it, he's so cut.


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