The Unswung Bat

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Old men with babylike faces, and vice-versa, are an old trope of sappy writing and preachy philosophical poems, so it was a tiny bit jarring to actually see one on the subway. It took me half a second to determine which one—neonate or geriatric&mdashhe actually was, since out of the side of my eye, with only small face visible, he could have been either an infant on someone's lap or a hunched-over gramp. Really. Turns out he was the latter. It was like seeing a before and after picture fight.

That is all.


Holy crap! Blogger's text editor now writes proper HTML! I ctrl+B bolded the headlline and what did I get? It formatted the text as a span with CSS style font-weight: bold. Shiny. However, google wants me to switch my Blogger records over to their account system or some such rot. Lies and trickery, I am sure. I shall resist, or rather, procrastinate. They can have my database when the pry it from my slack, disinterested hands!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never get to use exclamation points like that.

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