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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Prières en Sports

"There's this idea that God isn't to be worshiped, isn't outside our imagination. Intead of God over all, He's your buddy—in evangelical Christianity, there's a growing tendency to look at God in a very subjective, even narcissistic way. It's God as therapy.

"When an athlete prays for a win while other players on the other team are doing the think as though your personal performance equates to God's plan is a pretty confused thing to do."

- Sports and philosophy guy sur CBC

"The Lord deserve some of the credit for our win today."

- Some evangelical football player

"Drop-kick me, Jesus, through the goalposts of life."

- A song of some sort


I'm writing this on a nifty tablet PC majig that recognizes my (!) handwriting and renders it as text, albeit text that that needs some going-over, which divides my writing attention in previously unheard-of ways. So I sound different.

These sorts of things—the difference between writing on a keyboard vs. writing with pen and paper, or even between pen and pencil have interested me for, well, awhile. Same with reading techniques. But for even semi-serious writing, I don't really like this having to scrutinize every word twice to make sure it rendered right. Oh well, fun to try. Would have been fun to leave all its miswritings in place, now I think about it.

Whulp I'm off: been co-opted into yardwork detail. Now go and judge a book by its cover.

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