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Saturday, December 17, 2005
What's Been New

First and foremost, let me say that drunken boardgames is a demonstrably wonderful idea, so long as you're not all that attached to the notion of actually playing said boardgames. I think we lasted about two hours before the games got cleaned up, but the night went on. It'd been a while since I'd been at an old-fashioned, liquored up and loud type of party, and apparently this was the true for most of the others too. Not that that mattered, there was plenty of wine and rum, and many a laugh.

I spent a couple hours talking with a soldier guy who was loaded with - in addition to rum and Cokes - ideas about politics, morals and the military and why he'd rather ship out to Afghanistan than the Sudan. He was an interesting, if overly insistent, lad. Then there was still lots of time for general carousing, as well as learning about the Decemberists and finding the true meaning of Channukah. The next morning, those still standing had to look around inspecting the damage and admit that it'd been a mighty fine time.

Other than that, if you're reading this, it means you're not reading this! It's Andra's new blog, which I spent a coupla days setting up. She came up with the look, I made it, and I happen to think it looks quite cool and unusual. First thing you'll notice is it's not a livejournal, ya lazies, so you can just read it anyway, friends page or not.

The "friends" feature is, I'll admit, one of 2 good things about lj, as far as casual users like me are concerned (the other is cuts, which are crazily difficult to imitate in Blogger). Being able to subscribe to a blog and have new posts delivered to your custom Friends' page seems to be all the rage with the kids these days. I actually have a "real" (non-Atom) RSS Feed for this blog that I set up out of curiosity of how syndication works. But no one, including me, wants to bother using RSS readers, so there is basically nothing I can do to make Blogger subscribable like lj is.

Deal with it, punks.

Oh, and care of Lucas, watch this. Now.

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