The Unswung Bat

Sunday, June 10, 2007
It's like Drew's watched the Rick Mercer boxed set.

News section's to be done soon, stop. Maybe 1 a.m, stop. Am getting motorbike from crazy lady, stop. Am well, send my love to Mr and Mrs Randolf, expect be home by September, stop.

Friday, June 01, 2007
On Fire

Much like Oz the wizard, BAD house has been both great and terrible to us, and we are returning the favor. In this analogy, the man behind the curtain represents, I think, the ant colony living in Dave's toolbox. Pay no attention to them.

PARTY! Come prepared for festivities, revelry, and maybe even some shenanigans. If a certain someone brings his Wii, we shall endeavour to hook it up to our newer TV. If anyone else brings extra Wiimotes, well, then (hypothetically) we'll have more than two.

Theoretically, we will in fact burn down our house in effigy in our backyard. I am most interested to see whether this scheme will go off. We have all the matches we need, but we're shy on actual lumber, so I propose to have everyone bring a piece of wood out of which we'll construct our voodoo house and burn the whole thing down.

WHERE: BAD House, 35 Nealon Ave, Conjunction junction (north of Chester station, near the shores of opportunity, literally as far from funkytown as geometrically possible)

WHEN: 6 p.m., this Sunday (3rd of June)HOW: Through a complicated socioeconomic gestalt

BRING (any and all): Yourself; your friends if they are affable, generous, young and rich; party stuff; Wiimotes and multiplayer games which are totally a good idea to play in a befuddled and/or raucous crowded room; Magic tricks and nice hats.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Bring something entirely wooden--a log, a 2x4, a beloved childhood toy, Mark Wahlberg's lone facial expression, a stick you broke off a tree on the way over, whatev's. If we get enough, we will make a house out of them and burn it in the backyard.Think that covers everything, see y'all down at the ranch.

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