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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Waking up early leads to opportunity for more adventure for our hero, me. After a morning of biking around waiting for Cyclepath to open, I was heading home empty-handed (having forgotten my gift certificate at home and not wanting to buy a $60 helmet when I could get it free some other time), and who should I run into but ali walking down the street when I turned off Coxwell.

She saw me when I stopped my bike, and breaks into this big alison smile, says "Hey I never run into you!"

and I'm like "yeah, that's crazy," so we stay and talk a couple minutes and I say we gotta do something with people soon, and she says yeah, maybe sunday, she thinks she's supposed to see chloe then and we might do something with that.

so she goes to catch her bus and I'm biking down the street again when a big thing runs across the road and hides under a parked cab. It's like a squirrel, only four times as big. I put my bike down and start walking around the cab looking under it, which probably the cabbie thought was weird, but who cares? The woodchuck was pretty cool about it, it kept walking from one side of the cab to another and I get a good look at it. Then it decides it's gonna be a ninja and it grabs onto the bottom of the cab and pulls itself up. Like Jackie Chan. So that's pretty cool.

Then I left.

But I wrote a nursery rhyme about my experiences that goes like: "how much woodchuck would ali chuck if ali could chuck woodchuck?" And I attempted to answer this question pictorially, in honor of Leora, as you can see above and to the right.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got dogs to walk. I'm so free every day. Hope you all watched Zeeky Boogy Doo thing.

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