The Unswung Bat

Saturday, September 18, 2004
Done and Done

Five or six times a year I'll have some brilliant idea and think to myself: "That's a cool idea, someone could do something with that," but I don't feel like that 'someone' is me. Don't take that to mean I feel like I couldn't do it, I just am never interested enough, plus I'm at this stage where I know that though theoretically I could do many, many things, I have a hard time believing that, in practice, I can go off and do something totally without guidance and supervision, and that thing will not only be worthwhile, but will result in something new that no one else ever thought of before. And then a little while later, sometimes a year or so, someone else does it, and I see what they came up with and I think "damn, I could've done that."

Anyway, here's a shatteringly candid and truthful cartoon about why cats are non-fantastic animals.

Why I Hate Cats

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