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Monday, December 06, 2004
And Then I Read the Poems, And Then I Felt Alright

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Just did my Big Poetry In-Class Essay Numbah 1, concerning a couple of sonnets by a certain Shakespeare I could name. Wanna know what of its I kicked? I'll give you a hint: it was the ass.

So yeah, if I used the phrase "slam dunk" for anything, and I think I should start,* it would be this.

Just in case it was too good, I entitled the essay Shakespeare: Melon Farmer or Echidna? That oughta keep success from going to my head.


* Scene: André is in the kitchen, playing Simon with Ray Charles. Enter Dave.

André: Hey Dave.

Dave: (hoisting bag o' bagels aloft) We have bagels!

André: Nice, how much were they?

Dave: Two dollars off!

André: (somewhat impressed) Slam dunk.

Ray Charles: Hell yeah! (Then he wins at Simon, while I'm not looking)

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