The Unswung Bat

Friday, November 25, 2005
I'm Through Messing Around with Snow

I fucking hate fucking snow. I'm exaggerating, I wouldn't really do that, but I do hate looking at or walking in snow.

Snow, I hate you. Go. No, don't look back, just pick up your mess and get out of my driveway. And don't even think of taking off with the salt.

My sidewalk is gonna stay clear goddamit.

Don't get me terribly wrong, snow is fine for flinging around and running through, getting thrown about in by friends and such, making into forts to take cover in, frostbitten and sweaty, redfaced with exertion and frost whilst hilarity ensues. But I don't want it clinging to my boots every damn morning when I walk to the subway station or go out for groceries. Let go dammit, or I'll get the shovel. That's right.

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