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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
School is Going Well

Haven't we all?

This week the weather wouldn't make up it's mind. It started by giving us the year's first taste of winter in cold whipping breezes that made people think of shivering, frosty breath and scarves for the first time in three seasons. Then it was too hot.

Today the heat broke, which it should have seen coming. Can't no one stand up to a Canadian winter. But when it broke, we got rain, which none of the university students, for whom real-world knowledge is a zero-sum thing, expected to happen. At least it isn't humid.

In the meantime, Mary Somebody says to wade in the water. Don't you know that God's gonna trouble the water? She might as well just say to walk down the street, the way it's coming down out there we'd be wading. But what can a young American do? Sit inside listening to too much music, and think about diving. Think about swimming through the harbor sunken to depths no one alive can reach. And surfacing to scatter the poems of the place, merest nothings, to the wind. It's been a water day. I looked in and saw the bottom of the pond instead of my reflection.

There is love
(In the water)
In the water
(In the water)
There is joy yeah

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