The Unswung Bat

Thursday, October 09, 2003
This Message Will Self-Destruct
Ahh, Max, how do you always manage to make everything so personal? I happened to be in the middle of a discussion on Sigmund Freud this morning, hearing about the way he was sure that for civilization to exist - as he thought it must - it was necessary for every person to repress their sense of themselves. It's clear it was something to disagree with, but if it's so clear, why am I so unsettled today? Has nothing to do with you, as usual, except that you've got it peeled open maybe a few layers deeper maybe sometimes I get the feeling. Or maybe you've just got a flair for laying it out flat. Good and bad and better and the rest.

A cold boiling.
Hot popsicle.

We're all in the gutter? We should all get the chance to laugh about it every once in a while. Maybe there's less than I thought to Getting The Fuck Out of Here. Maybe there's more.

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