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Monday, November 17, 2003
Wanna Be in a Play?

Commme on, you know you do.

I'm writing one for the Tarragon Theatre's Paprika festival this march and...I need actors. The fun bit about the Paprika fest is, anyone can be an actor. It's for artists under 21, no other credentials necessary. well, 'course the script has to get in, but that's my job.

I need me five winsome lads / strapping lasses to fill the roles, and if anyone wants to be the nominal stage manager I need one of them too. Not much work, 'cause it's a pretty simple kind of play without any flying chandeliers, swordfights, or deep soliloquys. Not yet anyway, but we can always talk. The good thing about this play I'm doing, which is a play within a play within a play (the outermost play is A Midsummer Night's Dream), is for people who aren't necessarily Actors with a capital a. Ya just gotta get up there.

So give me emails, people. I'll buy you pizzas or something.

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