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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Luke, being luke, has found some cool stuff on the internet - and I mean cool in a remote and alien sense - that I never would have turned up in a million years. How cool? Well, it is the first thing I mentioned. I, being me, am just writing. Max, being max, is stranded on a desert island a million miles from somewhere, locked in furious contemplation of the endless present I've never been told how to deal with - though someone did ask me my opinion, once. A former friend, she was, before some real shit happened. But that was ages ago. I don't think anyone ever told him how to. Max. Maybe it's best left unspoken, in which case I'm already screwed and so are you for reading. Or maybe words just slide off of it like water off a candle, being that a moment wrapped in words either becomes a memory or a plan, a thing of some other time than now.

I think Max needs to quit his job. Maybe not yet, but before the longest day of the year.

Ach, tell me this isn't a winter coming.

In other news, Ian, in touching postmodernism, believes he is playing wi th fire. A poetry reading left me with nothing to say and the notion, which articulated itself over eight or nine hours, that we have these vast and unimaginable nebulae in our heads that we could explode if only given the right kind of spark. Hey brother, got a light? I have a new set of business cards, and am busily drawing away on them. I must be approaching 200. I'll do something with them eventually. And Dave wrote a poem sounding very, very much like a prayer. Erika will be mad that I didn't mention her, since she reads this. Erika Erika Erika. There. With a k this time. Meanwhile back at the lab, I am an hour and a half late for bed. Thanks, man, that's been bugging me for a while, I really wanted to get it off my chest.

ten minutes later

Okay, Erika, now you're the star. I just posted a little bit a comment on this post of yours, with the longest email address in t he universe. Well, it's not that long, but neither is the Tao Te Ching. It's:

sillydaftkid.wellitisratherwitty.buttonyourlipy ouoldhag.howlongcanigo.thisco
oreoften.itssorta.liberating.inanodd.unexp ected.way.ihopeidont.losethis.illco

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