The Unswung Bat

Monday, March 29, 2004
++ blog pimp what i am

that's doubleplus. tony pierce has taught me capitol letters commas ordinary words and not saying shit alot and paragraphs over three sentences are for verbal skankz.

i am no verbal skank.

you out there who are verbal skankz know who you are.

my magic eight ball knows who you are.

the helicopter in my backyard knows who you verbal skankz are, all verballed up and huddled in the corner.

a lady on the street yelled out to me today when i was walkin by. she said "don't you fuck up now! don't let everybody fuck up now, we've come too fucking far to all go to hell now!" lady was lookin at me anyway, wasn't really talking to me.

thought maybe sure she's talkin about war and wmd and other bad three letter words but maybe she's just talking about the school year, or funding the shelters better next winter. maybe she's just talking about keeping all the homeless people from freezing.

i dunno.

but i know where you are.

and i just thought you might like to know, max is back to his old tricks.

fortunately, i have a few of my own . . .

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