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Monday, April 05, 2004
Friends and Well-Wishers

In that they don't wish me any specific harm, of course.

Well I'm torn over 100q's well-founded criticism. As far as I can tell, although each of his entries has its date attached to it in an id element, I can't link directly to a specific entry the way I would with a normal god-fearing blog, so I'm just gonna point you towards him and tell you "March 29, 2004, C.E."*

I'm well aware that the coding of this blog isn't up to nerd spec, and his HTML could beat up my HTML and also is handsomer and has a better car. On the other hand, I'm not about to start using <ACRONYM> tags any time soon. Especially for words like HTML that most people only know as acronyms.

And yet, looking at his blog's code and css, the only thing I can't understand is one crazy hack he uses involving the funny diamond logo. Whereas looking at my blog's code, I pretty much don't understand anything without staring at it for ten minutes and comparing it to the finished, "rendered" blog. And even then I have to preview any changes to the layout I make before posting them to ensure that I didn't accidentally destroy everything.

Luke's extremely simple yet visually effective blog - even the plain HTML, without the stylesheet looq dresses it up in, still looks pretty good, once you wipe off the grafitti - is a model that I don't think I'll actually live up to, but I'll at least keep in mind as one of those things I would aspire to, given the time and a brighter soul.

On the other hand, I am obsessive enough to care about this page's layout. Not terribly competent, mind you, but interested nonetheless. I must've spent three or four hours getting yon links bar off rightwards to work the way I wanted it to. On the other hand, this contents bar onna left is really just in the way, but I wanna keep some semblance of it anyway. I was even thinking of expanding it and putting in a sort of miniblog for brief thoughts I want to highlight, like "go look at" I tried doing that, but couldn't figure it out. Also I notice the dumbjokes button is currently not highlighting. Probably time to either get rid of it or actually write down some of these dumb jokes that people have sent me, anyway.

So in conclusion, don't look for any changes to my gutter-HTML in the coming weeks and months, though if one or two happen to come along, smile but don't point, it's rude. I am, though, gonna learn a bit more about stylesheets and basic layout, since what else am I gonna do around here, study?

* Which reminds me, it's passover. Make with the lamb's blood if you know what's good for you.

Oh, also I noticed none of you felt like talking about the Christopher Walken story. Fine.

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