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Monday, March 27, 2006
That's What She Said

Seems the health newsletter I edit and proofread is doing a Sex Ed special for the last issue of the year, and, since the head editor and all writers are women, it has a mostly girly perspective. There's only one article that deals entirely with female sexual concerns, and here's the picture someone—a genius—chose for it.

Heh. So there's your sneak peak at the upcoming issue. Oh God.

Anyway, why have only four people pitched in the much-needed advice for my evil twin? You, read, help. Yeah it's long, but every effort has been taken to write it with such whimsmabulosity that reading it feels like your eyeballs are being . . . pleasured by massage gnomes. Yes, that one. Anyway, thanks Andra, Prax, Weija, and the Malacious Sterling von Warhol for your evil contributions.

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