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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Space, the Mind Needs Space

Yep, Space is what it needs, and Time is what I got. Being that I finished my exams on the 5th - which means I'm done with school till Jan 2nd, I'm looking for some really cool things to do during my month off.

Looking far and wide.

See, Andra and I have made up our minds.

We're off. Off to see the world. It's true. We don't have that much money, but we're going where the going's cheap. God bless Travelcuts, Travelocity, and, umm . . . Travelomatic. How're we doing it? I've been working for the university all year. It's a pretty good deal. Since it's the university, they're pretty flexible about working around my classes. I do database and filing work, mostly, but the pay's good enough to launch us on our fantastic voyage.

First stop: West Coast. Berkeley, California, the coolest city in Those United States, and possibly one of the cooler cities in the world. Gonna spend the first couple nights in a student hostel - The YMCA, since you asked. I hear it's fun to stay there. It ain't cheap, but the best part is . . . my great Aunt Marty, the greatest great Aunt ever, is paying for our stay. She lives in San Diego, but she's quite a world traveller herself. By the time I'm her age, I hope I've covered at least half as many miles as she as. Also she used to design rocket fuel. So that's pretty cool.

But after that's over, we hit the hills. Since it's warm in California, we're bringing a tent. Camping out, wearing shorts in December. It's gonna be one fine time.

After that . . . we'll just see what's after that.

[edit] - I hope dave isn't mad at me. Not too mad, anyway.

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