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Saturday, January 10, 2004
And How!

Well, Luke finally wrote something new on his blog, and now I'm writing something new on mine. First of all, you still all suck for not sending me your christmas lists.

Leora knows about my blog now, having heard about it from Finbar, who I like to call Finbarbarian cause Finbar makes him sound like an elf or something. And Finbar ain't no elf. He's a composer. That's not his best song, but it's what I got. It's still a good song.

And speaking of Byron, who, due to his job prospect as the Apple IT tech at an all-girls school, I now call the Mac Daddy, he's told his Very Last Anecdote.

Yeah Right. He'll probably be back to work at 9 tomorrow. Nah, I'm just razzing him. I mean, ya gotta have a sense of humor. Right?

People hear about me every once in a while. I don't know where they hear it. For me, pepper I put it on my plate. I don't blogvertise, but I do make up dumb words every once in a while.

Like Typonese. Or asimiular. I wonder what Kate's up to. Last I heard, she hates the cold, and was gonna write a fantasy novel about a computer science student. Which sounds like a nerdy version of The Longest Journey. Which I never played, but god was the demo annoying.

This is what I'm doing instead of a two-thousand word essay. Two thousand words is a lot.

One. Two, three four five six. Seven - eight nine ten eleven twelve - thirteen fourteen, fifteen sixteen, seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty. The higher you go, the longer the words take to type. Eighteen-hundred sixty-two.

Well, I've been away from the blog for a while, and it was nice to keep my distance and relax a bit, but that's enough of that. It's time to move back in. Willy just asked me a coupla days ago if I was still in California.

Only in spirit, Will, only in spirit. Well, actually, it feels like I never left. Someone is going to Alberta or something. I forget who, but she said she'd bring me back a cowboy hat. I hope so.

I want a cowboy hat. I will wear it with my shirt and pants and shoes. Howdy.

Boot camp got cancelled. Now the kids go to jail.

Nn ts Nn ts Nn ts then end.

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