The Unswung Bat

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
The Tiger

Once upon a time a
little boy stood next
to a pink frog in the
land of Ompf. The
frog was a princess.
Her name was
"Clean my room," she
told the little boy,
"you are bothering
me." He did not
clean her room.
Then the Tiger came.
He was strong and
"Give me some food!"
he told Toadabeth.
"You always tell me
to give you food,"
she said to him, "why
don't you go
shopping?" So he
He came back just
when the little boy
was starting to get
tired from standing
still all day. He
stood staring at the
horizon that never
lived, with eyes of
the same color, that
soaked in it. He
thought the wind was
just a shiver he felt
on his skin. The sky
went in forever.
Then the Tiger came
back with chicken.
"Don't eat me don't
cut me open and pull
me out, I am
chicken," she said,
but the Tiger was too
He cut her open and
pulled her out and
squished her squishy
parts in his teeth and
picked her stringy
parts from between his
teeth before he
swallowed them.
The little boy stood
there but the food
smelled so good he
had to have some.
Toadabeth jumped into
the river and paddled
away underwater. The
little boy chased

I wrote that story for a teleprompter. It was a little application, you downloaded it, it turned your computer into a teleprompter. So how could I resist? And I had to test it out by writing it some lines to prompt telematically. Only now that it's a teleprompter, it's not as much fun. I miss the days when it was a computer, before the metamorphosis. I have to write all my work by hand now, and I can't play games or chat. I just sit here, getting teleprompted. Which is still pretty sweet, but it lacks something. Right now I'm blogging the old fashioned way, without the electric thrill of digital technologie. I wonder how long it takes to update by mail.

In response to Leora's INCESSANT HARRANGUING (I'll probably change that when I realize it's not nice, but you should get used to the fact that this page is bloated with lies), I got a Livejournal. I'm not gonna use it. Originally, the intent was to create it just so my's Livejournal buddies can link to this page through their Friends page, but my journal turned out so bad that I think I'll be forced to euthanize it shortly. I'll keep it up for a little while for your viewing pleasure, here.

In the meantime, I gotta learn to just go to bed like normal people, instead of doing all this crap.

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