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Sunday, April 18, 2004
Halcyon Days

It cannot survive his secret attack.

Well, in the past 2 weeks I've left 3 blog entries unfinished. The only one I managed to get done was the Mick Jagger one, and that didn't turn out too good. So instead of, you know, thinking about what I'm writing, I'm just gonna jot down a list of things I have seen in the past few whiles.

  • two cabs drag racing. back vs black diamond. beck won, w00+?

  • the park, at a picnic, with Andra and easter candy. I learned to never underestimate the ability of a female to consume chocolate. I tend to savor them, or at least chew.

  • Tafelmusik, randomly, at a free concert, at the ROM, with Opera Atelier performing from an opera written for the Sun King.

  • A TTC driver harass every Black person who got on the streetcar from Yonge street to the Beaches. asstoast.

  • the word asstoast. also assclown and assy. in the "cheers" section of "cheers and jeers," a feature of my college's terrible newspaper. terribly awesome.

  • Ballet Creole! "modern" dance and african drumming so good it can only be called spectastilious

  • your mom. erika's a bad influence on me

  • a plate of muffins and cake and pie, randomly, when Andra and I got to my home. Mmm, pie

  • an email message telling me I have tickets to the Dalai Lama honorary degree ceremony at Convocation Hall, during which he will address the convocation and receive the Acharya Sushil Kumarji Peace Award. :-D

  • I can only go if I can convince my physics prof to let me write the exam at a different time :-|

  • all sorts of other clever things, which I forgot about pretty much promptly.

I was gonna write a whole lot more but now I'm gonna not, so you gotta go find something else to read.

Ciao Fratelli e sorrelle

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