The Unswung Bat

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Sir, I Demand Satisfaction

Just a quick note
School has been too fucking busy
I haven't spent a whole lotta time around "other people," as you call them
I don't use a lotta apostrophes cause the keys all the way over there
But thats ok
I have plans, big plans
And at a time when even Byron is starting to feel burned out
and at a time when I gotta be at school tomorrow
and whens your last exam
and cant, studying
my dog is fucking depressed, she goes round looking at the floor and not biting things
if any a you lameass, button-pushing, boring, anemic, obsessive, mumbling, anxious, jaded geeks with bad hair (which rules out some of you but not many and definitely not me) don't meet for a game of stickball at high noon at bowmore field on the second saturday of May,
Mick Jagger will suck your bones out and crunch them in your ear
or at least send you a mean-hearted email.

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