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Thursday, April 22, 2004


The New Model

Are you surprised? I bet you are. Check out my blog's summer wardrobe. Man, having to study for exams has led to an astronomical increase in my time-wasting productivity. On the bright side, instead of learning about physics or Western lit, I learned all sorts of web standards stuff. You could read this blog on a cellphone now if you wanted. I would've done an RSS syndication deal, but not enough people read this anyway.

I am one step closer to the Dalai Lama, now that I've dropped off my petition to defer my physics exam so I can go see his honorary degree ceremony and speech. I've been given the following requests:

  • Ask him if it's true he was Chosen to be the Dalai Lama the way it was in that movie (I don't know), where three days after the previous Dalai Lama died, his head (the dead one) lolled in a certain direction, and his followers went off thataway looking until they found young Tenzin Gyatso. Andra's dad wants to know that.

  • and

  • Sing the badger song while he's talking. Ben wants me to do that. I said no, but I will think the song briefly while he speaks. Ben said it would be great if the Dalai Lama can read my mind and hears me think-singing it, and sings MUSHROOM MUSHROOM.

But that song ain't even funny.

Anyone else? You've got until Tuesday morn.

I just bought six bottles of orange juice (minute maid, oj is oj to me) three pink lemonades and a crangrapeberry juice. Having to use up $400 in dedicated food money from your smart card in 2 weeks can be fun. Last week I bought 40 chocolate bars. A dilemma: on the one hand, I've got so much free money to use up before it gets deleted on May 8th. On the other hand, I it wouldn't do to get all fat and stuff.

A dilly of a pickle if ever there was one. Anyone want free food?

Pay me a visit, I'll hook ya right up.

Oh, and I'm now using Gmail, so, you know, w00t and stuff. Everyone try sending stuff to at At the moment i'm not planning on switching for good. For example, I need to know if I can use Outlook with it and all the normal stuff I worry about with email. 'Cause email's bloody damn important these days. Still, 1Gb of free mailage. Sounds good to me.

Now, then, it's normally my practice, ever since the blogodrama, to put ordinary blogging fare second and writing stories and things first, or at least snippets of respectable writing. Today would be an exception, but here's what I want you to do instead:

  1. There is a pirate in the South Seas named Dermot McWalfish. He has worked other jobs.

  2. His Ship will need a name

  3. His title is Dread Sea Dog

  4. You must give me a brief account of one of his crew members and the treasure they are searching for, as well as an explanation of his arch-nemesis.

Here's one student's example:

LOL before dermot was a milkman and his ships name is THE tIPSY BARNICLE and his looker-outer guy is Gilmont, who is a Hungarian Lord in disguise looking for his long lost brother Rakluzs and Capn McWalfish is hunting for Pete Best's right leg and his arch enemy is EVILMAN O'DEDLY, who is a hamster ninja OMG!!!!! XP T_t z0rs

The best entry wins nothing!

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