The Unswung Bat

Monday, April 19, 2004
Paging Dr. Rosenrosen


I'm giving myself 20 minutes to do this post. So here we go.

Stop putting two spaces after every period. There's no reason for it anymore.

Looq might be glad to know I'm learning about graceful degradation. My own degradation hasn't been nearly so pretty.

Here's a good word though. Senescence, the gradual physiological decline of biological functions leading towards the death of an organism. Reminds me of oak trees somehow.

I keep putting two spaces after a period by force of habit.

A man on the radio wants me to buy the lawn fertilizer with "double-coated nitrogen." Meanwhile my exam tomorrow morning with the crazy professor is drawing ominously nigh, and Robin Williams is trying to sell Cadillacs.

You know what your problem is, Joey? You're a chauvinist, and a pig, and you don't respect women.

I respect the hell outta women. Especially their minds.

What the hell does 29 dimensions of compatibility mean? Dating services should just be honest: "You're a 40 year-old professional failure with a sporadic income and a basement apartment at your parents' house. Don't you think you'll take whatever you can get? Call now."

I keep trying to call John Stewart John Daily, 'cause it's the Daily show, but then he just ignores me, so I better start getting it right. He had a bit called the Sadr House Rules the other day. I laughed.

Tim Robbins is the bad guy in this movie.

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